Connected is a movie completely without dialogue, hence the sound and music in the film plays an even more important role in telling story.



The score for the film was composed by the danish musicians Peter Peter and Peter Kyed. They created a unique sound for the movie, drawing inspiration from classic sci-fi music themes (Bladerunner) with a touch of western (Once Upon a Time in the West).

Listen to a short excerpt from an early music test below.

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Sound Design

Almost all sound in the film had to be recreated in post production. This huge task was completed by sound designer Jess Wolfsberg, who created an emersive surround sound experience, complimenting the visuals and story perfectly. The sound mix was finalized at Mainstream, one of the largest sound facilities in Scandinavia, at their dolby certified mixing stage.

Sound mix in Pro Tools at Mainstream
Final sound mix at the mixing stage at Mainstream
Final sound mix at the mixing stage at Mainstream

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Film directed by Jens Raunkjær Christensen & Jonas Drotner Mouritsen