Shooting the film

Connected was shot in 3 intensive days with a crew of 15 dedicated people. The location was Fakse Kalkbrud, a chalk pit 50 km’s south of Copenhagen. Below are a few selected images from the shoot.

The Crew on set
The Crew on set
∆ (Anders Houmann) & O (Tobias Shaw Petersen)
The crew on set
The crew on set
43 (Dion Raufort) & ∆ (Anders Houmann)
∆ (Anders Houmann)

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  1. I would hope to speak with Jason’s mom or dad. His story is similar to my son Nates’, who left at age 24, foeruetn years ago.Is it possible for me to have her e-mail and phone number?Thank you for this amazing and needed work you are all doing.Carol Williamson

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Film directed by Jens Raunkjær Christensen & Jonas Drotner Mouritsen